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    The first smart food

    storage solution

    Lovely boxes that communicate with you to better organize yourself and avoid food waste.

  • How does Stor'eat work?

    A single application for the complete management of your kitchen!

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    Stor'eat encourages homemade meals: prepare your dishes with

    our simple recipes.

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    In just a few clicks, register your Stor'eat boxes or jars, packaged food products or even your own containers in the same App!

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    A comprehensive vision of logged products is available in the menu. Having remote access to an inventory of your refrigerator and cupboards can prove to be very practical.

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    Smart boxes and jars for

    ⭐a perfect organization⭐

    in your cupboards!

  • Discover Stor'eat !

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    THE new intelligent

    conservation solution

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    No more food waste and welcome savings

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    An easy application to organize your kitchen!

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    Products are connected
    thanks to the Stor'eat application
    to help you to :

    • reduce your food waste
    • save and share your meals 
    • better organize your kitchen.

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