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    Stor'eat, the free application to reduce food waste and better organize your kitchen!

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  • How does Stor'eat work?

    A single application for the complete management of your kitchen!

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    Stor'eat encourages homemade meals: prepare your dishes with

    our simple recipes.

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    In just a few clicks, register your Stor'eat boxes or jars, packaged food products or even your own containers in the same App!

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    A comprehensive vision of logged products is available in the menu. Having remote access to an inventory of your refrigerator and cupboards can prove to be very practical.

  • About Stor'eat

    An free application really easy to use

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    In just a few clicks, register your products in your App and you can access this inventory at any time.

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    #Economy & Ecology

    No more food waste with alerts to help you consume before the expiration date! Make ecology rhyme with savings!

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    Control the nutritional quality of industrial products scanned with the nutri-score. Make the right choices for your health!

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    Record all your shopping with supermarket products

    from the barcode reading.


    You are the first to use our application so we offer you exclusive access to our PREMIUM features for free!

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    A product poses a safety or health risk: receive alerts to notify you of product recalls. More safety and less risk to your health.

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    Create a group to better communicate and share your
    food with your household.

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    Extend the Stor’eat experience: download and print QR codes to stick everywhere.