• With smart bags, you'll love vacuum sealing !

    Vacuum seal bags for limiting food waste and keeping foodstuffs fresh longer.

  • How does Stor'eat work?

    A single application for the complete management of your kitchen!

    I put my food in my vacuum bag

    I close my vacuum bag

    I place the pump on the valve and press the button to start removing air.

    I stick my sticker with the QR code

    I scan the QR code and register my bag in the Stor'eat app

  • Our different sizes of bags

    Coming soon !

    Vacuum seal bags 1,3 L

    Set of 10- 22x21 cm

    Vacuum seal bags 3 L

    Set of 10 - 26x28 cm

    Vacuum seal bags 6 L

    Set of 10 - 30x34 cm

  • Vacuum starter kit

    5 Bags 1,3L + 5 BAGS 3L + 1 Vaccum Pump

  • The advantages of our Vacuum seal bags

    #Vacuum seal

    A small electric pump to vacuum seal smart bags. Compact: it doesn’t take much space in cupboards.

    #Save place

    The bags are available in several sizes (44oz, 101oz and
    202oz/1.3L, 3L and 6L) to optimize storage and save space in the

    Freezer safe: they prevent freezer burn.


    Once vacuum-packed thanks to the Stor'eat pump, the bags are ideal for vacuum cooking as they go from refrigerator to plate for practical, healthy cooking every time.



    Food is kept fresh with no odor thanks to the double zipper.


    The bags can be handwashed and used up to 50 times.



    QR codes to be sticked are provided to keep an eye on the conservation and storage of these smart bags. The included QR code allows you to access the Stor'eat application, to manage your stocks and find recipes and tips.


    Automatic notifications can then remind you that it is time to eat what is in a certain box. No more waste!


  • Care & Use