• With Stor'eat connected jars, you're going to love bulk!

    These durable and elegant jars are practical for organizing
    your kitchen down to the last detail.

  • Our different sizes of jars

    Bocal XS


    Bocal S


    Bocal M


    Bocal L


    Bocal XL


    Bocal XXL


  • The advantages of our boxes


    Airtight containers for preserving the freshness of food and protecting it from humidity.


    Dare to buy in bulk! These jars are perfect for storing dry foodstuffs like rice, flour, sugar, pasta, cookies, cereal, tea, spices, and more.

    #Easy storage

    The rimmed lid of this storage jar allows it to be easily stacked on top of the other jars in the range.


    Say goodbye to mess on your shelves!


    The bamboo lid of this jar is full of elegance and the transparency of the glass makes it easy to identify its contents in your cupboard or shelves.


    Their borosilicate glass makes them durable.





    Thanks to the included flashcode you will be able to manage your stocks and retrieve recipes and tips.


    Automatic notifications can then remind you that it is time to eat what is in a certain box. No more waste!


  • Care & Use

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