• Finally, a smart solution for organizing your kitchen. 👍

  • Once upon a time there was Stor’eat

    The idea came from daily life in the Mastrad offices where we observed an alarming amount of poor management of food waste in our common fridge: plenty of forgotten food that ended up in the trash.


    The Stor’eat project came to life thanks to the shrewd insight of our founder, working with all our teams, with a solution to end waste involving a truly useful but simple app for handling perishable goods. Initially rooted in a group ambition to do better, environmentally-friendly awareness became part of the corporate holistic vision of smart connected products.

  • With Stor'eat, let's reduce food waste!

    Combating food waste has become a global challenge over the past several years in an effort to preserve our natural resources. It is urgent that we rally together to find solutions to what is

    environmental, economic and social folly.


    Stor’eat is a natural part of this approach as it offers the possibility to draw up an exhaustive list of all foodstuffs in your kitchen and program alerts to help you remember to eat them before expiration.


    Furthermore, all items in the Stor’eat range are designed to help preserve food longer thanks to airtight silicone seals on containers and vacuum-pack bags that guarantee long-term freshness.

  • What is Stor’eat’s mission?

    Our mission is to help households better manage the food in their kitchen: to remind them to eat a product before the expiration date and thus enable each person to help fight against food waste on a daily basis. We believe that by better mastering their inventory, users will consume using a more environmentally-friendly approach and thus reduce food waste.


    Stor’eat reflects a desire to encourage homemade products that have a positive impact on our health and to provide clear information on industrial products using a nutri-score for more enlightened eating habits.


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  • The ideal solution for preparing varied meals in advance.

    Try your hand at batch cooking with Stor’eat and the multitude of recipes available...

  • Mastrad invents the future: the connected kitchen thinks for you...​

    Only Stor’eat helps you reinvent your way of storing and preserving to ease your mental load and save time.

  • With Stor'eat connected boxes, you will love to cook!

    Less wastes, more savings, for a more responsible consumption!

    With Stor'eat connected jars, you're going to love bulk!

    These durable and elegant jars are practical for organizing your kitchen down to the last detail.

    With smart bags, you'll love vacuum sealing !

    Vacuum seal bags for limiting food waste and keeping foodstuffs fresh longer.

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